Double Being is the artistic duo of Marisa Papen and Michael Chichi.

With art, activism and beauty we communicate our deep relationship to earth, ourselves and each other. We are rebels with a heart, touching upon social taboos to provoke liberation.

Our work explores themes such as intergenerational sustainability, naturalism, sovereignty for all beings & body freedom.

We practice art direction, design, poetry, music, publishing, photography & film. Often we collaborate with other artists to bring our projects to life.

We are currently seeking both support and commissions.  

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conceptual bold
esoteric philosophical

ancient avant-garde
absurdist beauty
soft confidence

intimate synchronicity
creative contemplation
alchemical collaboration

rebels with a heart
questioners of social taboos
creators of freedom & form

walking with curiosity on the periphery of surrealism and naturalism


Double Being are partners, friends, lovers, husband + wife


Marisa Papen
artist, activist & naturalist

Marisa became internationally known for her evocative work involving religion, body freedom & censorship. Though her artivism Marisa has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own. She challenges beliefs and raises questions by immersing her body in the most controversial environments or natural wonders upon earth. She calls her skin her superhero suit and sees our soft spot for beauty as a tool to unveil the raw simplicity hidden beneath cultural complexity.


Michael Chichi
artist, designer, photographer & musician 

As creative director for over 20 years, Michael has worked at the intersection of design, branding & new media with brands such as Apple, RedBull, Virgin, Pixar and Denstu. Also a handful of imaginative & forward looking startups — Art + Culture, Uxibit and Anatha. 
He looks to create artistic and emotional beauty, to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new, and to stretch beyond the ordinary in pursuit of purpose and meaning.



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