Flow of Life is a multidisciplinary expression inspired by the menstrual cycle and the story of womanhood.

This organically grown body of work started with a seed of pain and led over the course of one lunar year to healing and understanding. The pain invited Marisa to witness and physically feel one of the core wounds of our planet, the suppression and misunderstanding of women and their blood. As she allowed the  collective trauma to flow through her, the moon paintings inspired visions of the past and the future. 

This feeling and seeing manifested itself into free-bleed paintings, a short film, poem, photography & more which you can explore below.

Flow of Life is part of the group exhibition “The New Ark” produced by ART CAN DIE. It is also the title of an interactive sculpture created by the artist Director Jacq that focuses on the universal geometrical principles of life, spreading a message of unity and connectivity. Occupying more than 650 square meters at River City Bangkok from Sept 1 - Oct 16. 2022, the exhibition features 13 international artist who have created projects that address universal unity. Under the patronage of the Embassy of Belgium, “The New Ark” is the first of its kind to be fully funded by a cryptocurrency and its community.



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