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'Flow of Life' wins award at the Tokyo Int'l Short Film Festival.

HLN  ↗
(Dec 9, 2023)

Americans are taking selfies en masse with Marisa Papen's vagina: “This has nothing to do with sex or being vulgar”

Nieuwsblad  ↗
(Dec 10, 2023)

Vagina of Marisa Papen is the most discussed work at the international art fair: “I don't find it strange that people take a selfie”

Flow of Life (film) is awarded semi-finalist in the BlowUp Film Fest (Chicago)

Flow of Life (film) wins award for best women’s short.

Representing the ten unifying principles of the universe, the exhibition “The New Ark “ premiers on September 2.

Vagina on Playboy cover for the first time: 'Epicenter of femininity'

Marisa Papen presents new calendar with vaginas.

(Dec 2020)

Papen bares all alongside sharks and other animals including a boar, snake, camel, whale and penguin in her stunning new calendar.

Interview With Artist, Activist, Naturalist, Marisa Papen

(Nov 2020)

‘The world needs less panic and more love’


Most selfied artwork at Miami Art Week is also the most banned.

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Flower of Life — the largest, most intimate portrait of a vagina ever exhibited.

First NFT Vagina Entitled ‘Flower of Life’ by Marisa Papen Inspires 13 artists to Create Original Artworks to Destigmatize the Vagina and Promote Body Positivity.

Artist, Activist & Naturalist Marisa Papen writes first Children’s Book — ‘Earth Family’ with Unifying and Positive Message for our Post-Pandemic Reality.

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