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Most selfied artwork at Miami Art Week is also the most banned.

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Flower of Life — the largest, most intimate portrait of a vagina ever exhibited.

First NFT Vagina Entitled ‘Flower of Life’ by Marisa Papen Inspires 13 artists to Create Original Artworks to Destigmatize the Vagina and Promote Body Positivity.

Artist, Activist & Naturalist Marisa Papen writes first Children’s Book — ‘Earth Family’ with Unifying and Positive Message for our Post-Pandemic Reality.


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(Dec 9, 2023)

Americans are taking selfies en masse with Marisa Papen's vagina: “This has nothing to do with sex or being vulgar”

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(Dec 10, 2023)

Vagina of Marisa Papen is the most discussed work at the international art fair: “I don't find it strange that people take a selfie”

Flow of Life (film) is awarded semi-finalist in the BlowUp Film Fest (Chicago)

Flow of Life (film) wins award for best women’s short.

Representing the ten unifying principles of the universe, the exhibition “The New Ark “ premiers on September 2.

Vagina on Playboy cover for the first time: 'Epicenter of femininity'

Marisa Papen presents new calendar with vaginas.

(Dec 2020)

Papen bares all alongside sharks and other animals including a boar, snake, camel, whale and penguin in her stunning new calendar.

Interview With Artist, Activist, Naturalist, Marisa Papen

(Nov 2020)

‘The world needs less panic and more love’

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