a film poem

We presented this film poem as an intimate introduction for our work in the group exhibition THE NEW ARK ( sept 1, '22 - oct 15, '22 ) at RiverCity Gallery in Bangkok. The exhibition was produced by Aēra.

Aēra was born to save art. Building a solid bridge between new blockchain-based technologies and an art market in search of renewal. Creating a disruptive space connected to the real world, a perfect alliance between physical and digital art.

Marisa and Aēra collaborated to architect a monumental sculptural walk-through gate representing her vagina, her ‘Flower of Life’. She also unveiled 'Flow of Life', a series of 13 moon paintings created with her menstrual blood. 

and as I open
I find myself
I admit that I am


unfolding the flower of life

and then I walk
I walk
through gates of reality
formations that burden our freedom to be

I decorate them
with blossoming 
delicate beauty

beauty is living truth

and I keep walking
I open more
my blood
it paints

a story in time
of time
beyond time

and I see that she
my flow of life
is everything
I am

the crescent and the full
the wild and the still
the sprouting and the whithering
the rock that crumbles into sand
and the rock that remains

and as I bleed - I continue to walk
dressing flowers onto cold, heavy stones

because I am living
and life is art
and art can die
but wants to live

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