Bloom, My Holy Fruit is a celebration of the feminine within culture, nature & ourselves. She shows herself, naked, pure, bursting of color. She is liberated and sovereign. She nurtures and surrenders. Her creative impulse is to reflect and to become, to blossom and to dissolve. Her journey is to flower into herself. 


Flower Freedom

A flower can only bloom of free will. When she is ready, she opens with full confidence of life.

Pro-choice does not mean anti-life as pro-life does not mean anti-choice. To us, fundamentally, life is freedom. We are pro-freedom.

"The complexity on this matter goes beyond my ability, and I believe anyone’s ability, to communicate in complete truth about this, since nobody knows where and when life emerges and begins. But being one of those women who have aborted in the past, I do know I made the right choice. It was not the right time, not the right person.

Soon, I wish to be a mother but saying wholeheartedly yes to this sacred task, is a slow, organic process."

— Marisa


If only I would be a flower

Playboy Germany selected Marisa as one of the 50 artists to art direct a cover for their 50th anniversary issue. We veiled our original ‘Flower of Life’ image, the first ever NFT of a vagina, in a radiant landscape of 30,000+ tiny flowers. ‘If only I would be a flower’ is the first vagina in history on the cover of Playboy.

‘If only I would be a flower’ is a celebration of nature yet it is a longing to be celebrated for the beauty we naturally inhibit. It is a play with the edges of censorship and an anticipation for the freedom that is awaiting us.


Nectar of Life

On the periphery, where lava meets the sea, a moment of simultaneous death and birth sparks creation. Emerging from the void of light, the nectar of life drips down, creating a landscape of form, folds and deep mystery.

The nectar of life is the molecular liquid of all flowers, she invites you to focus beyond her sumptuous layers, to blend within her golden haze, to be her co-creator.

* ethically sourced honey from the big island of hawaii 


Flower in Flower

I believe it is the absence in understanding and acceptance of our bodies that inhibits us to experience the world, within and around, as a spontaneous symphony. Sharing my Flower Of Life is to inspire a way of seeing that will once again bring us closer to the natural world that we are. Because to see ourselves in nature’s reflection is to embrace our beautiful complexity - and with the grace of embracing, we can accept. —  Marisa

A paradox of our times is that the natural has become seemingly unnatural. We want to cover that which is born naked & pure in the world. This covering, this hiding, corrupts the natural, makes it feel un-pure, and robs us of our humanity. My desire with this work is to re-naturalize & re-sanctify nudity and the body. To see us in the flower, and the flower in us. — Michael


Flower of Life

The origin of all fruits, the sacred symbol of creation, the flower of life. With simplicity, she undresses culture from its thick layers of propaganda so we can, once again, see our naked/natural truth. 

Flower of Life is the Mona Lisa of liberation. She asks us to free ourselves from misconception and shame in the ongoing cultural war against the human body. Body freedom is a basic human right.

Flower of Life is the first ever NFT of a vagina.


Nectar of Renewal

Nature’s nectar flows through the feminine breast. Anyone who has tasted her knows, she is liquid soil, malleable mass, like Earth herself. Her wild sweetness attracts. Her need to feed is deep. She cultivates through offering her innermost sustenance, creatrix milk. Drink my nectar, mother nature, I offer to you, myself.


This series is unfolding from ‘Flower of Life’, the first-ever NFT of a vagina, minted in March 2021.

They are all available as NFT's. Please visit our foundation profile for more.

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