elemental union


As we were developing our non-profit Earth Family, part of its evolution involved the discovery & recognition of principles that formed the roots of the ultimate vision. A guiding frequency comprised of seven essential elements.

These elements take shape as a symbolic gesture creating a language that crystalizes the profound interconnectedness between the sacred and 3rd dimension. They have a simple underlying structure, dot + line, particle + wave.


Quantum physics understands the particle-wave relationship as fundamental in nature. Matter and light are made of minute particles having wave-like characteristics. The particle represents the materialized receptive energy, the wave the moving creative energy. When in harmony, the particle is carried by the wave, ebbing & flowing to ever-undulating natural rhythms.



Love is metaphysical gravity. That which gives weight to the world. Pulling us together. A healing force. The highest of frequencies.



There is an invisible unified field of intelligence connecting all of life, earth and cosmos. The more we realize this, the more we enter into a unity with all that is. The tree feels your touch, the leaves receive your breath. Wholeness lies within.



Truth is the omnipresent dimension of the universe and ourselves. The deepest layer to be conceived. The paradox of truth is that it resides deep within us yet we have forgotten. Truth is not found but remembered.



Deep in nature is the desire to be free. To move freely. To express freely. To be ourselves. True freedom begins first and foremost in the body, then radiates upward and out into loving thought and action. Freedom is the original expression of creation.



We exist in a reality of relativity. Where everything and everyone is in perpetual relation to each other. There are no individual things, but only endlessly interwoven patterns of interaction. With this understanding, we can see that we inter-are with the world. Your suffering is my suffering. Your happiness is my happiness.



The nature of reality is expressed through infinite difference and variation. All forms harmonize in the balancing emptiness. On the middle path we move towards our blooming wholeness. The earth’s soul lives in our cells. You are embodied essence.



The creative impulse courses through all of life. The practice of art is an intuitive response, bridging the seen and unseen. A song sung by the soul is a revelation of the universe. A canvas colored by the hand of nature is a picture of God.

Parallel to the creation of these symbols is the evolution of our union & marriage. Ever since we said yes to each other in 2020, we have been searching for rings that would unite us through alchemical matter in ritual and remembrance. But we never quite found a design that felt true to our nature, spirit and aesthetic philosophy. Once we created these seven ‘elements’, we instinctively recognized they were our relational roots as well. They are pillars of our devotion — to our love, our life and our purpose.

To bring our ring design to life, we collaborated with the talented Antwerp based jewelry designer Anna Rosa. She had them goldsmithed in her atelier in Athens. In ancient Greece, wedding rings were typically made of precious metals such as gold and iron and often featured engraved designs or inscriptions. The circular shape symbolizes eternity, as well as the cyclical nature of life and the universe.

As we wear these rings everyday, our elemental union is closer at hand. Forged in reclaimed gold, expressing an artful alchemy — imbuing magic, poetry and beauty.


elemental union

in its graceful firmness
the altar awaiting patiently
the anticipated reunion of opposites
and as she turns he turns as well
seeing themselves
their reflection spread
on the golden bell of eternity
held within their midst
the alchemical chalice
and both drinking from it
its source, sharing of the same bread
her needs are fueled by his highest expression
she offers her earthly heritage
exposing herself ahead of his heavenly temple
he kneels to the sacred trinity
sacrificing his hunger and thirst
one and one is three
Hieros Gamos
crumbles of edible soil beneath their bare feet
and as the sun sets
they say yes
their figure moving synchronized 
in the light of a newly expanding horizon
spiritual union, the coming together within
leading to one Being
this is not a path devoid of pain
but it is the only One
that matters
once they had awakened
in the rudimentary story of separation
they could no longer deny
the intimate tendency of their own nature

Portrait photography by Esteban Wautier

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