Double Being
ancient form in present symbol

Through the early wonderments of social media, a short e-mail with an invitation to Hawaii was exchanged. Once we met, there was an immediate knowing, an ease of being in each other’s presence. For one week, we created and conversated. Then, parting paths, there was a small heartbreak, an emptiness piercing from the root to the crown. But also a recognition of coming into contact with some great beauty, some great truth. 

Over the course of 5 years, we were long distance friends, checking in upon each other every so often. In March 2020, we were to meet in Hawaii for a week again. Somehow our reunion was perfectly synchronized with the pandemic and lockdown. A cancelled flight, an extended stay, the most magical summer of our lives. Miles of ocean between us and the madness of the world, offered a privilege of perspective. This inspired us to initiate our non-profit Earth Family, a creative foundation for the new earth that was coming into form.


Cosmic Confirmation
Mākua Beach, 2020

And when we finally kissed, the naturalness of our touch, the complete blending and melting of oneself in the other, "this is home, this is it". A few months later we stood barefoot on our favorite beach —  saying yes. Yes, to this friendship, yes to this love, yes, yes, yes — yes to us. In complete trust we said yes. Our ceremony was short but the abundance of bliss was timeless and immeasurable. As we sat there, in awe of what we just did, staring simultaneously at the dimming sky — a cosmic confirmation, an astonishing meteorite, exploding twice before our very eyes.

Mākua Beach, 2021

It was on this same beach that Marisa intuitively drew what would become our Double Being figure. Fast forward, three years later, as we were investigating the history of marriage for Elemental Union, we encountered the concept of ‘Hieros Gamos’ — hieros (ἱερός) meaning "holy" or "sacred" and gamos (γάμος) meaning "marriage”. It is the archetype of the sacred marriage between heaven and earth, god and goddess, man and woman. This union carries the continuity of life's cycles of fertility, abundance and protection of the earth. Their union symbolizes the end of separation and through their infusion of love they lift the Earth’s frequency into unity. The Hieros Gamos is also a central motif in the individuation process, expressing the creative union of opposites within the psyche. For it is through the encounter with true love — the awakening of eros and the joys and frustrations that follow — that the inner process of integration is constellated and energized.

We immediately resonated deeply with this concept of union but most extraordinary was our discovery through google images. A cave painting dating back to 20,000 - 30,000 BC in the South of France. Archeologists have given this painting the name ‘The Two People’. Without having conscious knowledge of this ancient symbol, Marisa drew almost exactly the same form years earlier, our ‘Double Being’. 


The Two People 
20,000 - 30,000 BC
Laussel Cave, France

Did Marisa connect to a memory of a previous lifetime? Or draw this figure in a parallel timeline? Or does this symbol exist in the collective unconscious? Or maybe she and the ancient cave painter both drew from a common source of experience?


Bond of Union
M.C. Escher

Our relationship is one of paradox, we have learned to thrive without the comfort of clear answers. Art is our pathway to the heart. Relationship an act of healing, a trans-medium. Every project we undertake and care for strengthens our foundation, rising upward, unlocking new communication. This supported synergy gives courage to leap into unknown versions of ourselves, creating a greater whole. It is as if, with our hands interlocked, extended, being held and at the same time carrying, forming a grounded weightlessness. Like a spiraling helicopter seed moving both upwards and downwards. Carried by the currents of nature, non-limited to direction, yet directionless.

Double Being is a transparent generative container. Its abstraction expresses a philosophic concept. Having two perspectives but a shared common gut, this is where our creativity brews. The power of human intimacy is that of two auras interacting to create a third. Within this cauldron the two auric fields are chaotically interfused and through an alchemical process a new awareness dawns. Double Being is living proof that the age old trauma — the split between other and self, masculine and feminine is ripe to be healed.

we are vessels for healing
allowing generational human trauma
to arise between us
and because we are such clear mirrors
we can see the wound for the wound
and the spirit for the spirit
we admit our wrong views and start the work

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